LOTUS all 5 blends


Can't decide which to try?! Try our combo pack and save! 


Great for every day use. This blend of cinnamon, frankincense, and ginseng is geared to keep you healthy and young.


If your everyday hustle has you stressed, or you just need a moment to relax, then Oasis is the perfect blend to get you there. This blend of lavender, lemon grass,  and valerian will help you find your own Oasis.


If your looking for an additional pep in your step and need something to help get your through your day, then look more further then Thrive. This energetic blend of peppermint, sage, and ginger will be the only pick me up you’ll need.


Have the Monday blues? Or just feeling a little down? Just Breathe in our pleasing blend of Utopia, ylang ylang, pink grapefruit, and orange has a vibrant and uplifting feeling that will help to enhance your mood.


Looking to be in the mood and feel a little extra flirtatious? Try our most alluring blend of essential oils; patchouli, lemon, and chamomile. 

Comes in a 15ml bottles to use with our Lotus Personal Aromatherapy Device


Just breathe. With Lotus essential oils you can breathe in our special blends to help you in your daily life. Our 5 different blends have been specially formulated to maximize each different area. 100% organic, no nicotine, life enhancing blends…….Breathe in and set yourself free.